Buerestbåhtieme!/ Welcome to Vaartoe - Centre for Sami Research

Buerestbåhtieme! Vaartoe means "a mountain with a wide view" in the South Sami language. At Vaartoe we work to promote interdisciplinary and transboundary research in order to deepen and widen Sami research at Umeå University.

Vaartoe works to initiate and coordinate research in Sápmi, on Sami culture, society, history and language. Vaartoe is a node for doctoral students and researchers from different disciplines within the university. In collaboration with Sami organizations, associations and actors we create a positive research environment where creative meetings and different perspectives enriche research.
Görel Sandström is Acting Director of Vaartoe 1 August - 31 December 2018.

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Vaartoe - Centre for Sami Research
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